AskPico is an innovative platform that empowers you to create a personalized GPT chatbot using your own data. This intelligent chatbot can seamlessly integrate into your website, providing instant and accurate answers to a wide array of questions.
By default, AskPico's chatbot employs the power of GPT-3.5 Turbo. However, on the Standard and Unlimited plans, you have the option to upgrade and utilize GPT-4 for enhanced capabilities.
By default, AskPico's chatbot relies on the provided data for answering questions. However, you have the flexibility to customize its responses by adding custom Q&A that aligns with your specific inquiries.
AskPico supports a variety of data formats including plain text, and website URLs. We continuously work to expand our capabilities, with plans to introduce audio file and images support in the near future.
Easily! Integrating AskPico's chatbot into your website is a seamless process. Simply enable public access for the chatbot and include the provided script on your website to start engaging with your visitors.
Absolutely! With AskPico, you have the ability to customize your chatbot's behavior. You can edit the base prompt, give your chatbot a name, assign personality traits, and even provide specific instructions on how to answer questions, such as responding exclusively in French if desired.
AskPico's chatbot is proficient in over 50 languages. Regardless of the language used in the question, the chatbot will make every effort to provide an accurate response, ensuring effective communication with your users.
AskPico differentiates itself through a range of exceptional features. You can train your chatbot using diverse data sources, and the ability to add custom Q&A empowers you to guide the chatbot in providing precise responses. Additionally, AskPico's chatbot captures visitor information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers, enabling you to gain valuable insights into visitor interactions and enhance your business strategies. It also has the capabilities to integrate with your CRM e.g. HubSpot Zoho, mailchim etc.
Your data is securely stored in servers located in West EU region of trusted cloud providers like GCP (Google Cloud Platform) or AWS (Amazon Web Services). We prioritize the safety and security of your data.
Absolutely! AskPico allows you to train your chatbot with industry-specific data and terminology, enabling it to provide accurate and tailored responses within your specialized domain.
Yes, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance of the chat bubble to match your website's branding. AskPico provides customization options for colors, styles, and placement, ensuring a seamless integration with your website's design.
Yes, AskPico chatbot is designed to learn and improve its responses over time. Through machine learning algorithms, it can analyze user interactions, identify patterns, and adapt to provide more accurate and helpful answers. This continuous learning process enhances the chatbot's performance and ensures a better user experience over time.

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